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My Skills


Good Books

This is an app I created inspired by my love of reading. In this project I used React, and Bootstrap. Search for your favorite books and ones you would like to read, save them to your library. In your library you will be able to set reading goals to keep you motivated. I utilized local storage so everything will be saved upon page refresh.

Burger World

This is a food delivery website created with html, css, and JavaScript. I utilized local storage and created my own mini database.


This is a browser dashboard that changes based on your mood. The main dash displays the weather and crypto prices. I utilized several Apis to fill in the data. With each mood there are different features. Made using html, css, JavaScript


This was a very fun exercise where I created the classic game Pacman. I used html, css, and Javascript to put my skills to the test.


This was a coding challenge I participated in. Every day in Decemeber, I completed a new christmas themed JavaScript challenge.

Todo list

This is a classic todo list app I made utilizing html, css, and vanilla Javascript.

Who I am

Developer who is obsessed with learning

I love to learn new things and the challenges that coding brings keep me always motivated to be better and learn more. Its rare that you find something that you generally love to do and I believe that allows me to do a better job than someone who is just in it for the money. I am proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React.JS. I attended and completed a frontend bootcamp called Scrimba. However, if these are not technologies that you use, I am a fast learner and I will gladly learn whatever technologies are best suited for your team!!

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